Great Benefits Of Overcoming Personal Challenges

These personal challenges can come in the guise of caring for someone who has become too ill to look after themselves and are therefore very vulnerable. You will take on this challenge with love and care for that person knowing that when the time comes and that person is no longer around, you will have done everything in your power to have made their lives as comfortable and safe as you possibly could have. It is not easy to take on this challenge as your every moment will be spent looking after someone while, at the same time, coping with your own sadness of coming to terms of what your loved one is going through. You will be totally exhausted, both mentally and physically and you will also feel very alone at times. But the eventual rewards far outweigh all the stress you will cope with.

There will also be many moments when you will get so much joy and pleasure and these moments will comfort you when the time arrives that you need to let go. Many years later, you will still have those wonderful memories and the comfort of knowing that you did your very best. Other challenges you will come across in your lives will be facing your fears brought about by perhaps, your fear of flying, starting a new job, going out to meet new people again or even moving to a new area.

Overcoming personal challenges by taking hold of each of your fears and doing what you want to do, helps you to grow in confidence. The benefit of overcoming your personal fear will enable you to take on other challenges which you were previously fearful of. Watching marathon runners arrive at the finishing line, you will see the exhaustion, determination and focus sketched on their faces. They had taken on the challenge of running the marathon many months before they actually ran it because, at that time in their lives they needed a personal challenge and were determined to succeed. They now have stories and memorabilia to pass on to the next generation of their families.

But not only do they have the memorabilia to pass on, they also pass on to their family and the generations to come, the knowledge that they too can take on any challenge, be focussed and achieve anything they set their minds to achieve - after all, their aunt, uncle, mother, father etc. had done it and therefore, so they could too. It's in their blood! Another major challenge many people have to cope with on a day to day basis is their debt challenge. This can affect many areas of their lives and with certain times of the year, such as Christmas, birthdays and summer holidays, it can be very depressing and a very painful time for them. Yes, there are many agencies offering easy credit to tempt these people into borrowing more money but, this has only lead to negative challenges.

Debt problems can lead to a spiral of disastrous effects. When constantly worrying about your debt challenge, you will make decisions which you would ot otherwise have made with a clearer head. These decisions can have many negative effects for years to come. If you are coping with a debt challenge, or know someone who is going through that scenario, then you are probably asking yourself, what is the answer? The answer is taking control of this challenge in a positive and constructive way, after all, it is just another challenge.

Aine Callan
A victim of the 1990's recession, Aine lost everything including her home. Now, after turning her life around, she wants to use her experience to help others - "Eliminate Debt and Live a Happy Fun-filled Life".

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