Dorothy had limiting beliefs too

Remember at the end of the "Wizard of Oz" when the good witch of the North told Dorothy that she had the power all along to return home? The power wasn't just in the ruby slippers but was really in her power of belief. How powerful are your beliefs in your healing arts business creation as a holistic practitioner? These beliefs can be good beliefs and they can be limiting beliefs. The other day I had a conversation with a friend and asked him if he began to move forward towards what he had told me he wanted about a year ago. He was very emotional about his desire to bring the healing arts to people in the modality of a live performance. A fantastic idea that is sure to be a huge uplift to many people. He said he hasn't moved forward yet.

I asked him what was holding him back. He had many beliefs why he couldn't move forward now. "I need new marketing materials" and "I need to lose weight", and "I need new pictures taken" were some of the reasons he gave.

These beliefs are all very real in his mind. Yet, these beliefs were causing him to unfairly limit himself. The result is that people are still waiting to hear his message of healing. How many times have you desired to do something a little outside of the box? And when I say outside of the box I mean something that is different from the way everyone else is doing it. Cirque du Soleil did something very much outside of the box. The creator of this unique form of entertainment took the traditional circus to a new and unexplored level.

He explored a new realm of what people would find engaging in terms of seeing and hearing entertainment. Every show stretches the imagination and stimulates the mind. The results of going outside of the traditional circus box have been plenty of profit as demonstrated by the variety and multitude of shows around the world. Use your mind right now to grasp the unimaginable. Decide there are no limits. What is something you can do within your healing art that has never been done before? How powerful can you be as a holistic practitioner when you can do your healing in a way that not only gets a result but in a way that causes people to talk about what a fantastic way you demonstrate your skills.

Understand that when you begin to wonder about new ways to bring your gift of healing to people your mind will begin to expand and become more comfortable with these new ideas. It's just like exercise. Doing a little more each day will begin to help you improve. Think of any limitations you have like the thermostat you have for your home air conditioner. It's set for a certain temperature and when it cools your house to that temperature it stops until it needs to reach that temperature again.

Our personal limitations on what our holistic business can be is very similar. Many times holistic practitioners feel that they can only reach a certain level in their business growth and that's it. When you decide to change your own personal holistic business thermostat that is the day you will begin to experience new growth and position yourself in a new light with your clients. Decide to find time now to explore what your beliefs are towards your holistic business growth.

Filter out what you now perceive as good and limiting beliefs. If you're having trouble doing this yourself, then seek out some assistance. There many qualified coaches available to help you do this mind expansion exercise.

Assess what might be good in your limiting beliefs before you attempt to get rid of them. Sometimes there are some good thoughts there about risks that must be weighed carefully. To throw money at national magazine ads might not make sense for you at this stage of growth.

Once you have found out what good things are found in your limiting holistic business growth beliefs, see if you can then combine them with the outside the box thoughts you've had. Integrate these together to help yourself formulate and implement a new inspired drive within your business growth. And don't worry about being nervous. Just call it excitement and let the success happen. Your assignment: Plan some focus time for your holistic business growth.

Realize that time spent ON your business instead of IN your business is very important. Write out what beliefs might be limiting you right now. Also write out your beliefs about your success.

If you don't have any then now is the time to create them. Realize that your beliefs that are limiting you have great intentions. Combine these great intentions with your new beliefs and you will find outrageous holistic business success!.

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: D.J. and Sherri Frost are Healing Arts Business Growth Specialists helping holistic practitioners grow their businesses. To get their FREE eCourse: 7 Critical Skills to Attract More Money, More Clients and a Soul-Satisfying Lifestyle, visit You're welcome to "reprint" this article as long as it remains unaltered; please send a copy of your reprint to 2007 Pro Power Services

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