Dont let past experiences influence you in the future

I see too many people who want to start a work at home opportunity, but put past experience right in front of them. They let events and their outcomes influence their decisions in many ways. The one thing that you can not do is to change the things that happened in the past. The only good thing that you can do is learn from those experiences and do things in many different ways. If you really want to succeed in business and in anything in life, putting past habits behind you. Throw those negative thoughts out of your mind just like you can throw out old furniture from your house.

All of them can have a huge influence on your future. You need to know that the past does not and will not equal the future. don't think like that because you may never get what you really want.

Don't let past experiences take you in the wrong direction in life and in business. Here's a good example: A person was raised by parents who were alcoholics, drug addicts, and were flat out broke. His parents never gave him what he really needed to succeed in life and that is a good education. He is an adult now and has a low paying job. If you go out and tell him that he can be all the he wants to be, the first thoughts that he will be getting is the thoughts of the way his parents raised him, how he did not have the education, and how he can not make it big in life.

He is using his past experiences as an excuse. He was taught one thing and that is "failure". There are a lot of good, solid, and legitimate work at home opportunities out there in the online and offline world.

The most famous one is called network marketing. Ever heard of that: An individual joins an MLM company. They get into an OK company.

They use the products. They read all the materials that are given to them. All the materials and training are given to them but as time goes by and they don't see any good results. So they quit. One year later, someone contacts them about a new network marketing company. They get them to a meeting and the person gets excited again.

Once they leave the meeting, they suddenly think about the company that they were in a year ago. Thoughts of failure surrounds their thinking and they never go back again to building an income from this kind of business. Their past clearly controls their present and future thinking and decisions. This person will always believe that this type of business does not work and will never work for him.

He clearly let's past experiences influence him in a bad way. He put past experience in the present and it influences him and his decisions for the future. The reason why so many people fail in life is because they let past experiences control their future. I am here to tell you that the past does not equal the future. These people have got to put these experiences in the back and look into the future in a whole new different way.

How can someone do this? One of the things that I found to be helpful is to read motivational books and listen to inspirational tapes. This is by far the best way that a person can go and change his life in the decisions that he makes for himself and looking into the future. There are a lot of stories out there of people who had bad things happen to them in the past.

They had a lot of experiences that influenced their directions in life. For some, these same bad experiences helped them become highly successful in life and for some it buried them in many ways. If you think that every successful person or celebrity had everything when they were growing up as kids, then you are wrong. Many of them had some very bad lives. Their parents were poor.

They barely had money for food and clothes. But these people did not let past experience influence them in a bad way. This past experiences did influence them in a good way and that is why they are making it big in every aspect of their life. Some people take their past bad experiences in life and turn them around as a positive influence on their future. Past bad life experiences sends people in the direction of never ever doing anything effective with their lives. They live their past in the present and let it control them for the future.

If you can change the way you are thinking then you can change your life for the better. There is magic in thinking positive and wanting to make positive changes in your life. Put the past behind you and move on the better things in life.

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