Dont Be Limited By Your Past

We all experience things in our lives that affect us on an unconscious level. Our pasts are often filled with experiences that if we allowed ourselves to focus on, would fill us with tension, fear, frustration. Perhaps childhood trauma, a difficult break-up, or financial strife has damaged your confidence.

It's important that we acknowledge and understand how the dominant guidance system we access will impact our ability to reach our goals. Your Unconscious Guidance System Can Get in Your Way .We use an internal guidance system to maneuver through life.

The unconscious guidance system is one that operates based on fear, habits, and the primitive need for survival. It is a limited guidance system because it only functions on what it knows to be true, based on past experiences. .Using this unconscious system inhibits our ability to live in the now. It's based on emotional action, and it is most comfortable operating with familiarity and what we believe to be certain.

. .The unconscious guidance system is strong and severely reactive. Awareness of your feelings and thoughts is important so that you can choose to take action that moves you closer to your goals. .The unconscious guidance system is not a bad thing, though on the surface it might appear to be a roadblock to living a fuller life.

It's designed to make sure that we have an appropriate response to threats that might produce frustration, fear, or pain. This guidance system is on auto pilot, it just reacts, no thought or action required. It's particularly helpful in keeping us safe. For instance this guidance system will keep you from putting your hand in the fire and getting burned; it keeps you from dashing in front of a locomotive. It eliminates threat. .

We must be conscious of the unconscious guidance system because it will also create habits that can limit our action and create unhealthy fear. It can easily become the dominant guidance system if you don't apply conscious thought. Use Awareness to Improve Your Confidence .Conversely, we have the ability to tap into our conscious guidance system before we take action. This guidance system does not rely on past experiences or negative emotions like fear, anxiety or frustration. It operates in the now, and uses inspiration, conscious choice, and awareness to move forward.

It seeks out opportunities for fulfillment. Using this guidance system will move you closer to your goals. Using the conscious guidance system allows you the freedom of not being tied to your past, and allows you to focus on your journey, not the outcome. One of our goals should be to make sure that the conscious guidance system is the dominant guiding system in our lives.

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