Does the Law of Attraction Work

For all your failings, and despite your many mistakes, life has picked you; it has believed in you, and it has given you a human body to explore its vast regions. Using your will, you have sought to change the surface of your world, and time and again, you have felt despair and frustration when what you hoped to manifest either did not appear or appeared somehow diminished when it finally did show up. Does the Law of Attraction not work? Does it work for some and not others? Does it work some of the time and not at other times? Can you really create your own reality? Let me explain. But, first, we must understand the concept of wholeness. The literature on this subject is exhaustive-ranging from obscure references in sacred texts to the findings of physicists-consciousness is inextricably connected with the whole and cannot be separated into parts. The entire notion of separation is an abstraction only.

For anything to exist at all, be it as obscure as a dust particle, the whole of causation is necessary. Even the idea of an objective reality, long a tenet of science, has now been refuted by quantum mechanics. A subatomic element can either be a particle or a wave, depending on how the experiment is measured.

In other words, the conscious intention of the observer determines what is observed. What has this got to do with the Law of Attraction? Pretty much everything. You, the observer of reality, influence the quantum field, with every thought and feeling that you have.

You are always manifesting, whether you like it or not. Most often, however, you are manifesting what you don't want and then blame it on the Law of Attraction for failing. See, in order to change any aspect of your reality, whether it is a condition of aloneness, poverty, or illness, you have to change WHO YOU ARE and not WHAT YOU WANT. When you are in a state of want, your vibrations are that of lack, regardless of what you may be visualizing or affirming. Consequently, your realization comes back to you void or stripped down to a pathetic version of what you truly desired. Thus, for example, if you are poor and need a job, and you affirm and visualize diligently, your underlying sense of lack may either give you nothing or it will give you a job that is totally unsatisfying to you.

Why does this happen? It is because you are not vibrating your desires in a clear way. Your emotional current, regardless of what your mind is projecting, is holding on to lack, limitation, scarcity, and negativity. When you change WHO YOU ARE you will start getting WHAT YOU WANT.

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