Do Not Let Your BUT Get In The Way

In one of my prior motivational stories, I talked with you about getting rid of the word "CAN'T" from your vocabulary. You see to me, "can't" is the one of the most disempowering words known to humankind. In this story, I'd like to inspire you to get rid of your big "BUT". Of course, I am not talking about the "BUT" that fills out the backside of your trousers, exercise shorts or skirt. I am referring to the grammatical word that is used to introduce something that is true, in spite of contradicting and negating everything that was said before it.

On your quest for success, communication is critical. Without high-quality communication with the people that you relate to on a daily basis, whether they are at your place of business or your social circle, you can not be successful. Those who communicate best are the ones that are the most successful. Poor communication affects the way others perceive, understand and react to you. When you are a person who uses the "BUT" in your conversations everyday, it acts just like a double-edged sword in that it can make you appear to others in one of these two ways. Here's my Meaning #1 of how you misuse the word "But".

When you use the word "But" in ways such as these in the examples below, you contradict yourself and run the risk of being viewed as one who does not get the job done and makes excuses. Here are some examples that you may have used in either your professional or personal life: "I would have been on time to the meeting, BUT I lost track of time". "I wish I had a better career, BUT I never had the chance to go to university or college". "I wish I was thinner, in better shape, weighed 20 pounds less, etc, BUT I have no time to exercise". I think you get the idea.

As a person who wants to be seen as successful, motivated and determined, you do not want to give others the impression of one who makes excuses. Here's my Meaning #2 of how you might misuse the word "But". When you use "But" in ways such as in these examples it can make you look and sound negative. If you have people working for / reporting to you, it can certainly demoralize and disempower your team. For instance: "I liked your presentation, BUT we have never done that before".

"We made progress, BUT we are still short of the business plan". "Thanks for the shirt / tie, BUT it is not my color". By now you may be asking (here's the deep radio announcer-type voice), "well what word should I use that does not make me appear as one who makes excuses or is perceived as negative?" Let's take one example from each meaning above to illustrate a positive, powerful, proactive approach. "I would have been on time to the marketing and sales meeting, AND I apologize for losing track of time. I commit to being on time to the meeting from this point forward." "I liked your presentation, AND we have never done that before.

Let's work as a team to ensure that we have all of the resources we need to be successful". By using the positive word "AND" with careful selection of the dialogue that follows you can turn a negative situation into a plus. Remember my powerful saying, "Every action you take or make, no matter how big or how small, defines everything that you do in life". Look at any of the successful people that you know and study the way that they communicate. You will see that through their words and tonality what comprises their formula for success.

Take action today and get rid of your big BUT.

Keith A. Shaw, President of . Headquartered in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, Keith is an authority on motivation, success, self improvement, health and wellness. He is the author and creator of "The Power Of Thought", and "The Power Of Concentration" Motivation and Success Systems, along with "The Power Of Serenity And Peace" Spirituality and Happiness System. These systems have helped women and men around the world to achieve more in life than they ever dreamed possible. He also authored and produced "The Power Of Qigong" Health And Wellness Systems (available on DVD) for increasing your health, wellness, energy, mental power and more.

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