Deck of Cards The Game of Life

In the game of life, most people have the knowledge to understand that we're all choosing what hand we play, and choosing how we interpret the hands that we receive. The general understanding and perception is that if life deals you a shitty hand than you just have to experience it, move through it and as time passes you will recover and get a better hand. The missing piece that I think most people overlook is the fact that we're not only playing and interpreting the cards but we're also dealing the cards to ourselves by predetermining there meaning. Now you may be asking, "Why would I choose to deal a hand of depression, hatred, and loss to myself?" And I ask you, "Yes? Why would you choose to deal yourself that hand?" Yet further understanding of this can be reached when you search the rolodex of your mind for the experiences that brought you to the one that you have called forth. Cause and effect is one of the most natural laws and every experience you have, you have called forth.

It is quite possible that even though you believe you have free will and the conscious ability to choose that you DO NOT. The reason for your unconscious choices is a simple one, your level of Awareness. There are infinite degrees of awareness. You may be aware that you are playing the game, interpreting the experience, but you may not have the awareness to realize that you are creating it all.

So now the question becomes "How do I increase my awareness in order to consciously create what I choose?" I think the first thing to do is to write the definition of the awareness I am talking about. Awareness: All-permeating, all knowing Consciousness; moment-to-moment knowledge. I find in order for one to easily tap into this awareness you must first become open minded by asking yourself questions about who you are. To give it a try, the next time you judge some one, or some thing, ask yourself the questions, "What is this for?" followed by "How is me judging this person or experience serving me?" followed by "Is this coming from a place of love or a place of fear?" By asking yourself those questions it moves you out of your experience of judgments and puts you back into the present moment. The judgments that you are experiencing are coming from the past and when you judge or display fear you are re-living your past, hence having no control to consciously choose the future to be any thing different. So then the goal of awareness is to make you as Consciously Aware of the Present Moment as possible.

Once you are in the present moment you can come to the realization that everything from the past is just an illusion that has been blanketing your experience of Now. Things will appear to you that you never thought existed and you can start to see beauty where you couldn't see it previously. People are holding on to their past so tightly because that is who they believe they are, but I will tell you, YOU ARE NOT YOUR PAST. You are a being of infinite consciousness in the eternal moment of NOW, with the ability to re-create yourself anew in every moment.

Let go of your past, because the Past Does Not Exist. Forgive the unforgivable and be freed from the chains that you have attached to yourself. We are all just a re-incarnation of the same physical material. We all started as one, yet the only thing that separates us is our awareness. So go out into the world, be the cosmic creature that you are and use your new understanding of awareness to become the greatest expression of yourself that you can imagine.

Shane Lamotte (21yo) has developed a desire for knowledge of Zen, Taoism, Quantum Physics and anything that involves the nature of reality. His vision includes creating music that gives its listeners a "wake-up call" to change. Go to

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