Creative and Unique Wedding Favor Ideas

Are you trying to pick the perfect wedding favor for your guests? This can be a real challenge! However, the wedding favor is an important part of the overall planning of the wedding. It is the one thank you gift that you will give to your wedding guests and one of the most lasting objects that they will have to remember your wedding. Your Wedding Theme The first thing that you want to consider when picking a unique wedding favor is the theme of your wedding.

For example if your wedding has a beach theme the wedding favor will be very different then a fairy tale themed wedding. So take into consideration what the theme of your wedding will be. If you have not decided on a theme yet it is best to choose one before picking the wedding favors. This way you won't waste money on favors that you find later don't fit well with the theme. Your Personality The second thing that you should think about before choosing a unique wedding favor is your personality.

The wedding favor is something that will evoke memories of you and your special day in your guests minds. So you do not want something that does not fit well with who you are. For example if you never drink then giving a special wine bottle topper is probably not the best wedding favor for you. Consult the Groom The groom is you equal partner in the wedding and should be consulted when planning your wedding favor. Try and get some ideas of what he likes and dislikes.

The decision should ideally be a mutual one and not just a decision made by you alone. Make Your Own Often the most creative and unique wedding favors are ones that you make on your own. Wedding favors that are bought at stores or even online tend to be mass produced and therefore by definition are not very unique. Therefore if you want something that is truly unique and original then often making or assembling your own favors is the best choice. You can easily find the raw source materials to make your own unique wedding favors at a local craft shop or online and then put them together yourself.

This is really just the assembly part of the project but it will still give that personal and unique touch to the favor. For example you could buy a basket and fill it with unique soaps or candles. Personalize If you have the opportunity to personalize the wedding favor by adding small details like the date and location of the wedding or the guests name this will make the favor more unique and individual. This can easily be done without adding a great expense to the favor using your own home computer and some cardstock paper. As you can see it is pretty easy to come up with a ton of fun and unique wedding favors that will delight your guests and create a fun long lasting memory of your special day.

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