Creating A Happy Marriage

This includes an understanding between two people that have a mutual agreement and respect for one another to make a happy life and family together. A majority of arguments in relationships are disagreements on when and how to discipline children. Remember, your spouse is your partner, you should both have an equal say so. Develop a plan together and follow through with it. Never does anything that you know will upset your partner.

Take your agreement seriously and they will appreciate you for it. Once you come to an agreement you will also find that there is more trust, which is always a huge defining thing in a marriage. If you work together on a happy marriage a happy family will follow. When you live with somebody and you have decided to share your life with somebody, you find things about that person that weren't there before.

As much as we like to believe that we are always right, we aren't. Finding a common way of communicating without losing control of the conversation is probably the hardest part. You want to avoid hurting feelings without holding back. This is simple; all you have to do is make an agreement that you will let each other have a chance to speak.

Don't speak at all until your spouse is done speaking. It sounds harder than it is. Remember, never shout, it almost always escalates in to something that could have been solved speaking in your regular voices. When people say things they regret it is always hard to face that person because you know that you hurt them.

Imagine doing this to someone you love so much. A common mistake couples make is telling their partner to leave in an argument. Almost nobody means this when they say it, so it's interesting that these are the choice of words we use in such an uncomfortable situation. When one person leaves in an argument, what ends up happening? The conversation is not over and you will have to pick up where you left off on an argument that was never finished.

This can be ongoing and very painful but easily avoided. Your Family should be the most important thing in your life and you should treat it that way. Your children should never feel neglected and they should never have to feel like you put your job or friends first. Your children are also mirrors of yourselves, they represent either good or bad parenting. Believe me people know when they see a child that is a result of bad parenting.

Children are so easily influence by the things you say or do, positive or negative. When you argue you should never do it around or in front of your children. A lot of mistakes parents make are arguing in front of teenagers.

They justify it by thinking the children are old enough to be exposed to that kind of behavior. This can affect their schooling or social life and it is not healthy at all. You should dedicate one night a week were you spend time together.

Not only will this start a family tradition your children will remember and pass on to their own kids, it also keeps your family connected.

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