Covert Hypnosis In Easy Steps

Hypnosis is generally used in a clinical setting in order to get a person to overcome fear and anxiety, deal with a habit or even to overcome pain. This is typically done in the presence of a qualified hypnotherapist and is generally just a way of relaxing the mind and being able to block out everything so that it is open to suggestion. There are many types of hypnosis and the one we'll be discussing here is called covert hypnosis. This is also a way in which subtle suggestions can be entered into someone else's mind but this is done in a totally different setting. Basically, covert hypnosis is just a way of connecting with someone on a subconscious level.

This form of hypnosis is utilized without an individual knowing that you are doing it. Of all the many reasons why someone would want to do this, it simply comes down to wanting someone other than yourself the see or feel the same way you do. This form is widely used in sales either by a salesman or in a sales letter. With as little as two steps you can be using covert hypnosis today. The first step to covert hypnosis involves building up trust and rapport with someone who is the focus of your attention.

What is accomplished by this is that it sets the individual's mind at ease and thus opens their mind to suggestion. Attaining rapport or trust is not easy but can be made easier with a little agreeable conversation. Let me show you an example. Say you are conversing with an individual and they confess to you that they dislike Prius cars immensely. All you have to do is simply agree with them by concurring that yes indeed, those types of cars are a waste of metal, or something to that effect. What this accomplishes is that it brings you to their level thus making them more at ease with talking with you.

Moving on to step two. After trust has been established you'll now want to begin to persuade them by using body language and more conversation. The reason for this is to try and guide a person into feeling or thinking in a way that is at your best interest.

A great example of this is a cell phone salesman. They won't start out by trying to sell you the Iphone upgrade, they will strike up a conversation even complimenting you in some manner and agree with you on how inefficient your old phone is before trying to close the sale. This is a very effective way of utilizing covert hypnosis in an attempt to steer a person's thinking in a way that benefits them.

Upon mastering covert hypnosis, you will be able to use this technique to dominate any conversation you have. With a little bit of practice, you would be surprised at how easy it is to manipulate somebody else's feelings on any matter. Before long, you'll find that you can steer individual's in any direction you see fit and not even know your doing it.

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