Cosmic Attraction

THREE LEVELS OF AWARENESS Currently, the Law of Attraction teaching that is readily available to the public deals with the first level of consciousness: Awakening. Becoming aware of the Law and discovering how it works. This is a very conscious level and a necessary one, for until we believe in our hearts that this Universal Law does indeed work and we have evidence in the material world, we can go no further. we offer many articles, books and TeleClasses (telephone training) which can awaken and strengthen you while going through this level. Most people stay on this level for years, some never progress, but a few of you have already.

You know you've entered the second level of consciousness regarding the Law of Attraction when you begin addressing the subconscious beliefs that no longer serve you. Meditation, introspection, deliberate observation and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) are applied rigorously to flush out those unnecessary beliefs and replace them with life-giving Truth. This phase may take six months to a year or more to complete.

Our six-module Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner Audio Program is designed to facilitate your journey. Cosmic AttractionTM: A Higher State of Attraction Consciousness An even smaller, but significant, number of people are currently entering a higher level of understanding and application of the Law of Attraction. At this level, the individual identifies their highest potential outcomes and allows the vision of their potential to regulate their life. This is what we call Cosmic AttractionTM--allowing your role in the order and harmony of the Universe to pull you into your Greatness. As you are drawn into Higher levels of Conscious Awareness, each level confronts resistance in the form of basic human instincts and complicated ego strategies. With support, you will learn how to release the causes of resistance and apply the gentle antidote of surrender to your Higher State.

At this level, you are drawn by the vision into your greatness; where as before your focus was on attracting "things" to you. As you grow in your understanding of and the evolution of consciousness, your desire to express pure love to others grows stronger. As you approach the consciousness level of "Unconditional Love" (540 on a scale of 1,000) miracles begin to happen. People are healed of terminal illness, others regain their life from a deep coma, money shows up in wondrous ways and relationships are healed of decades of hurt and resentment.

I know about this level of consciousness from experience. For over 30 years I have witnessed and participated in dozens of miracles. Only now, do I have the liberty to talk about them. Copyright (c) 2008 Rebecca Hanson.

Rebecca, founder of the Law of Attraction Training Center ( ) and author of Law of Attraction for Business, has used her unique blend of rational and intuitive gifts to masterfully assist thousands of people in the art of deliberately creating the life and business they truly want.

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