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When it comes to astrology and compatibility there is more to it than just the compatibility of the sun signs. When it comes to the relationship between two people there is of course much more that has to do with the success or the failure of their future than astrology. But for those people that follow astrology and the sun signs, looking at the sun charts can make for interesting comparison. There are many aspects to astrology that are much more complex that they first seem.

Comparing charts can sometimes seem far more complicated than beneficial. However, there are some theories that can be simplified without the use of a chart. When you first go to an astrologer there are several pieces of information that you're going to need to provide so that the astrologer will be able to get an accurate reading on you and your star sign personality. You'll need to have your exact date of birth, including the time that you were born. If you don't know that time you were born your chart won't be quite as precise and accurate as when you have this information.

The time that you were born will give the astrologer information about your ascendant and descendant axis, as well as where you are in the house placements. When your time of birth information is missing your compatibility chart won't be very accurate. The other piece of information that you're going to need do provide is where you were born. You many wonder what your place of birth has to do with your sun sign and astrology. This bit of information is needed so that the chart can be as complete as possible. Once the astrologer has finished your chart you'll have some idea as to what other astrology charts are compatible with you.

This way when you meet someone you can find out what their sun sign is and see how well matched you are. Of course you should never take this too seriously, but you can however have a fun conversation over the dinner table about how compatible you are.

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