Buy Buy Buy But Never Do Do Do

Have you heard the story of the guy asking every single question under the sun re how the Internet works, but, he's never made a penny to date? And, he buys up everything his poor little credit card can manage, and still wants more? The last time I heard, there were thousands of clones of this guy, all in Internet rehab, wondering where it all went wrong. I see this disease every single day -- people, good honest, decent souls, all in a tense knot about how things are NOT working. People can't still seem to get it, and it's as plain and as clear as night follows day and day follow night -- in order to get a result, you have to DO something to make things happen.

I mean, I can't make it any clearer than that, can I? There's absolutely dozens of formulas, models, guides, templates, systems to follow, no matter what you want to learn and develop. This DOING thing, getting stuff whirring and into action, seems alien to most. Really.

It's like there's this wafting cloud of hypnosis, heading straight into most people's brains, disabling them from moving even just one step forward. But look, you're not like those people. You're not. You want to be better. My intention in delivering these articles is to help you see that you're not stuck, that you can weather any initial onslaught that your mind throws at you, any projectile it hurls at you, any confusion your mind tries to tie you up in, you can smash through it all.

Listen, I know we all just buy tons of stuff, a lot to do with marketing and business building, and then, we do nothing with it. I mean, we do NOTHING with it. Thinking about it, it's really insane. I mean, it's like we're robbing from ourselves! However let me tell you that's it's not all your fault really. I say that because anyone who really became successful at something, probably gathered a ton of information about their chosen and specialist subject. They, then weeded through it all, pulling out the best the stuff has to offer, and then, complied something which for them, was a workable, doable plan.

If you're still floundering around, not really settling on something that you can really sink your teeth into, and you know what you really need is a mild mannered whack on your activity muscles, then let this bit of information be the thump you are looking for. Quite frankly, I think we all need a little of the sergeant major in our lives. Especially those of us who are in business for ourselves or want to set ourselves up in business.

See, if we've meandered in from a 9-5 job type mentality, then there's a pile of adjusting when taking on the entrepreneurial role. If you think we can just 'browse' through a set of instructions in how to change your life, and for it then to become real, then you're going to find that you're pretty much mistaken. Imagine, if people thought that in order to create a profitable business, all they had to do was simply create it in their imaginations, leave it there for a while and the money will pour. Disneyland thinking, isn't it? Down right crazy, right? Well, that's exactly how many who've chosen the entrepreneurial trail, think and act. I don't know where you currently are with your goals, dreams and ambitions. But, here's something I do know; if all you do is merely 'think up' a good game, a good life, a powerful existence, and do nothing more, then, in your own court of law, you'd be sent to prison for aiding and abetting for conspiring to do you out of a great life.

It's funny we don't think of things like that when it comes to our own life. We cuss and complain about the person who should be flogged because of some crime or other, but we think nothing about it when we pour damage on our own dreams, when we systematically, clinically, shred our lives to a million pieces, and we look for others to pick up the blame. Now that's crazy. I want this membership place to be an environment where we acknowledge our messes, and where we go to work to clear it all up. Not ponder and pontificate, thinking up solutions to living and taking no action to make it come alive.

I think you're probably fed up of all that as well aren't you? If you are sick and tired of how things have been and you want things to change from simply being a spectator by the sidelines, watching with wide disbelieving eyes as another person racks up another success, then you've got to get in the game. TODAY. Once you shrug of all that worn out language and behaviour that's not allowed you to be at your best, and instead, you get yourself a brand new spanking set of beliefs, actions and commitments to move you forwards towards your worthwhile goals, you'll experience an inner strength you've never had before. And, you'll want more of it! In the words of the rock band, the Police, just Do Do Do!.

Nick James is a UK based direct marketer and product developer. During the last 5 years Nick has sold in excess of 1.6 Million Pounds worth of products and sevices online. Subscribe to his Free Tip Of The Week email at:

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