Building The Perfect Indomitable Spirit

Your life is like a picture puzzle. These pieces fit together to form the complete picture of who you are - what your current situation in life is, how you spend your time (whether work or play), your level of joy and happiness, health and more! One piece of the puzzle that I would like to talk about today is your personality and how it impacts your life as well. Your personality is the result of years or shaping and molding from the time you were born until the present.

Some of you may have what is referred to as a "strong" personality. Some may have what is referred to as a "difficult" personality. Many more of you may have what is referred to as a "weak" personality. Personality = Indomitable Spirit I prefer to define one's personality as their "indomitable spirit". You may also have heard this called the "warrior spirit". In fact, Encarta defines the word "indomitable" as "brave, determined and impossible to defeat or frighten".

We all have within us an indomitable spirit. And, depending on our past, to different degrees depending on the person. Perhaps we were shaped by someone whose indomitable spirit was overdeveloped and as a result ours became subdued and reticent. Or possibly our role models or care givers had an undeveloped or latent indomitable spirit and hence, we could not find our own within ourselves.

Those who have a strong, well-developed indomitable spirit have a strong will to do that allows them to do anything. Your indomitable spirit directs your life forces, habits (both good and bad) and your condition in life. It has a connection with all avenues of knowledge, activities, and accomplishment. It is the energy within your very being which controls all conscious and subconscious acts.

The person who has a strong indomitable spirit exhibits energy and enthusiasm in everything they do. They have strength and the intestinal fortitude to stand up for what they believe in. They have passion and excitement - an ardor that you can see in their eyes, a fire "in the belly", a purpose that you can hear it in their voice and control over their physical state that conveys quiet confidence. They are far less likely to show discouragement, because they have the determination, confidence and courage to handle the challenges and obstacles that they encounter everyday of the week. How Can You Develop A Strong Indomitable Spirit? At this point many of you may ask, especially those who are "set" in your ways,: "What can I do to change from a weak, undeveloped indomitable spirit to one that gives me confidence, courage, energy and more? How can I, after months and years of discouragement and of going through the motions, suddenly conceive and carry out a plan for doing something that will change my current situation and make my life more rewarding?" The answer is that it can be done, and others just like you have done it.

One way is to find motivation and inspiration from your heroes or role models who embody the indomitable spirit to which you aspire. In fact, take a look at my article titled "How To Find Motivation And Inspiration From Your Heroes". A second way is to get a copy of my Motivation and Success System, The Power Of Thought - How To Get What You Want, When You Want It. In it I outline exercises that will help you develop your indomitable spirit.

You can always teach an old dog, new tricks. Create a desire to change within you and with the right tools, you can develop a strong, indomitable spirit.

Keith is an authority on motivation, self improvement, success, health and wellness. Keith is the author and creator of three Motivation and Success Systems that have helped women and men to achieve more in life than they ever dreamed possible. he is also the founder and President of .

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