BOB Strollers Arrive In Europe

Strollers are one of the most convenient products ever designed for children and their parents. Today's strollers are available in such wide range of styles and models, it is often a difficult decision to choose just the right one. Whatever type of stroller you decide to use, it is important to keep a few practical safety suggestions in mind. Always look for a stroller with some sort of braking system. Most models have small levers near the back wheels that allow you to lock the wheels and prevent the stroller from rolling.

Apply the brakes anytime you stop for more than a brief moment. Anytime you stop the stroller on an incline, remember to point the wheels away from the hill, even with the brake applied. Choose a stroller with a secure seatbelt harness. Five-point harnesses are typically much safer than a belt that only fastens around the child's waist. Seatbelts are a necessity for pushing infants, but they are just as important for bouncy toddlers and preschoolers who love to wiggle around.

A safety strap that slips over your wrist is also a nice safety feature to look for to prevent runaway strollers. Test the stability of a stroller before making your decision. Most children have a hard time sitting still and you want a stroller that can handle their movement without tipping over. You can test a stroller's stability by hanging your purse over the back handles. If the stroller tips easily with the unbalanced weight, it will probably tip with our little one.

Even the best strollers can be overturned, so it is still important to always face your child in the proper direction and do not allow him to lean over the sides. Each time you use your stroller, be sure it is completely open. Most folding models will make a clicking sound once the stroller is locked into place. Avoid hanging extra items like diaper bags or purses on the stroller. Many styles include convenient storage underneath or there are a number of accessories available to carry along extra items like cups, water bottles, mobile phones, and keys.

Be sure to follow general rules of public safety while pushing your child in her stroller. Always keep the stroller right by your side. Avoid stopping behind a parked car that may not see the stroller and back into it.

If you have bags or packages to load into the car, remember to put your little one inside first, securely fastened in her car seat, then put away the other items. BOB strollers are one of the leading brands of quality jogging strollers. Their strollers are available in a number of innovative designs, each as a single seat or as a duallie. BOB strollers include all the best safety features, including a wrist safety strap that attaches to the bottom axle of the stroller to prevent head injuries in a fall incident. These strollers are lightweight, easy to store, and feature state-of-the-art steering and maneuverability. BOB strollers are an excellent choice for safety, versatility, and comfort.

Gary Clay is an authority on BOB Stroller and owner of MonkeyShine, the UK stockist ofBOB Strollers.

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