Baby Showers And Men

Typically when people think of baby showers, they picture a bunch of women and over tiny clothes and baby items. Maybe they will play some silly games and eat some cake. Fortunately times are changing and baby showers are becoming a lot more fun for everyone.

Now even men are joining in the celebration. Changing Times Previously, baby showers were just for women. The reason for this followed the idea that women were meant for caring for children and so they'd be interested in baby gifts, whereas men were the ones out working and didn't have the time or interest for such events.

As times are changing men are sharing more of the roles in the home and are becoming more active in raising children. Taking this into consideration it is only right to give them the chance to share in all aspects of their child's life. This includes being a part of the first event for their child, the baby shower. Even friends of the father-to-be are taking interest in celebrating the future child. The friends that don't have children of their own are interested because they want to find out what to expect when they reach parenthood.

The friends that already have children want to welcome their friend to the club. So, a baby shower is a great opportunity for both sexes to come together in celebration. Appealing to Both Sexes The popular thing now is to throw baby showers for the couple rather than just the mom-to-be.

The key of course is to make the baby shower appealing for both the men and the women. Women typically enjoy baby showers because it is an opportunity to socialize with other women and they want to honor the mother-to-be with a party. Both men and women enjoy seeing all the gifts, although men won't always admit it. Men also like to socialize with their same sex friends, but will only take part in certain games. When throwing couples' baby showers, the first thing is to get the guys interested in the party. To do this you may consider asking a male friend of the parents-to-be to either help with the baby shower or be the ring-leader in throwing the shower.

If men hear that a guy is throwing the shower, they won't be embarrassed to attend. Another way to get men interested is to pick a theme for the shower that sounds fun for the men, yet isn't offensive to the women. For example, a Hawaiian theme where everyone wears Hawaiian shirts and lays, can seem like a college party, yet still be tasteful.

Once you get men interested in attending the baby shower, you need to make sure they have a good time. If you don't have a problem with it, you may consider having beer available for the men. Also, having a room or the backyard for the men to escape to is really important.

That way if things get too "girly", they can get away with their manhood intact. Make sure that the games are fun for everyone. If you have a game you really like that doesn't appeal to men, than also set aside a game just for men.

For example, have men race to see who can drink beer out of a baby bottle the fastest. This sort of thing is great entertainment for everyone. There are many things you can do to get men interested in a baby shower. So next time you are throwing a baby shower, make sure you include the men.

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