Baby Security Blankets

What is a security blanket? A security blanket is a familiar item, often a blanket, that provides comfort. You probably had a security blanket as a baby or child. You might have brought it around with you wherever you went, gave it a strange name because you couldn't pronounce blanket, and used it so much it got nearly worn out. Should kids have a security blanket? Sometimes when we think of security blankets and whether or not they will benefit a child we think of how hard it is for kids to give up their security blanket.

I remember when my sister had a security blanket. She carried it around with her wherever she went. It soon became very worn out and my parents were afraid she had become too attached to it and wanted to clean it and put it away before it got so worn that she couldn't use it anymore. My mom even made her a new one, but it wasn't the same and it didn't catch on.

Eventually I think they took it away and she lived. They gave it back to her years later and it was a nice memory for her. A security blanket can mean a lot to a child.

It is called a security blanket because it makes the child feel secure and safe. Stuffed animals can also act as security objects. For some, the blanket may remind them of their mother. When they don't have their mother around, the blanket reminds them of her and they feel safer. Is it okay to have a security blanket? Some studies have show that kids that have security blankets are often less attached to their mothers and cope better with anxiety situations.

It seems to help them adjust to independence better. It is important for us to have a good relationship with our mothers, as well as our children, but everyone needs some independence. If a child can't live without their mother as a baby, how will they cope as they grow up? How will they cope with life when they are adults? Whether a child uses a security blanket or stuffed animal or has a strong attachment to their mother may affect how they deal with independence, or it may not.

What's most important is that they have a healthy relationship with their parents and those around them and are able to be independent.

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