Baby Monitor A MustHave Device For All New Moms

The other night, I went with my partner to our friends' house with whom we used to play bridge with on a regular basis. That was, of course, before the baby. It had been four months since our last bridge game and we were keen to get back into the swing of things.

The baby in bed, mum was enjoying her 'night out' when, out of nowhere, the squeal of a crying child filled the room. It jolted me near out of my skin! As my wife's friend ran upstairs to see what the matter was, I experienced the discomforting thought that that cries had certainly come very distinctly from another room of the house not at all remotely connected to where I knew the child was sleeping. Catching a glimpse of my face, the husband began laughing and began to describe what it was that caused me such confusion; the benefits of what is commonly known as a baby monitor. I also have a baby and a baby monitor.

Our baby monitor, though, isn't made of machine parts; she's our maid!! This works quite well as far as I can tell. But hospitals also use baby monitors; to keep an eye on newborns and their levels of health. Why would a new Mum and Dad with a four-month old healthy child have need of a monitor?? Before I could worry any further, my friend outlined in detail the use of the two-way radio that is used a lot nowadays to help parents observe infants.

The difficulty of checking on a baby while doing routine duties throughout the house is eliminated with a baby monitor. He described the relief this gives a mother trying to juggle both a busy day and a potentially unhappy baby - knowing that there is always an ear listening to the slightest discontentment provides peace. How baby monitors work Most baby monitors are made up of two parts.

One is the transmitter, kept near wherever the child is sleeping and the other is the receiver - taken wherever you go. Such a concise idea, you wish you came up with it yourself! And newer and better versions are being produced all the time. Now you can get baby monitors that have more than one receiver and tune into the house sound system! Other, more expensive versions include a camera that watches the baby as well as listens. Even if the baby sits up, awake you can be there in a second. I decided that, even though I had failed my firstborn when it came to electronic monitoring, my other children would not suffer the same fate; we would buy a baby monitor. Summary: Every parent who has got a new baby at home needs to have a baby monitor as well.

This amazing device keeps a guard on your baby when you are busy doing your daily chores.

Brooke Hayles
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