Babies and Pets Do They Mix

Thus, when a new baby is introduced into a family, it can be a challenging time for our beloved four legged creatures. Whether you have a dog, cat, bird, or something more exotic, its important to ease this transition as much as possible and provide them the guidance that will ensure that you as parents, your pets, and your new baby can live together in harmony. The time to begin introducing your pet to the fact that a change is coming is as soon as possible. Dont wait until the day that you bring your baby home from the hospital.

Rather, start the process early on so that your pet will be comfortable with the changes when that big day arrives. Here are some things you can do before the baby arrives: Take your pet to the veterinarian for any needed shots and a parasite check. Practice cuddling or holding a baby doll around your pet. Watch for any signs of aggression or jealousy. These are behaviours that you can work on during the next few months. Introduce your pet to the babys nursery.

Expose him to common smells such as nappy cream and baby powder. Allow your pet opportunities to be around other children and babies. Play taped sounds of babies crying for your pet to become accustomed to the sounds that will soon be filling your home. If bad behaviours are apparent, such as jumping, biting, or sleeping on the bed, start correcting these issues as soon as possible. Seek obedience training if necessary.

Once the baby has arrived, the key will be consistency and patience. The following tips will help ease the transition: Designate a family member or neighbor to give your pet some extra attention during the first few days. Before you bring the baby home, bring home a piece of clothing or a blanket that has been used by the baby in the hospital for your pet to sniff. If you are the person most closely bonded with the pet, have someone else carry the baby into the house. Keep the introduction slow and well supervised.

Give your pet lots of praise for good behaviour. Advice about your dog and your new baby (Take from 1. Gradually introduce changes in your dog's routine as soon as you know a baby is on the way - if he does not connect them with the baby's arrival he has less reason to be jealous. (a) Your dog should not be the centre of attention at all times, and should sit on your lap (if at all) only when invited by you.

(b) Get him used to being away from you sometimes in another room, or indoor kennel ("crate"), and ban him from the nursery. (c) Take a refresher course at a training school, and think about practice walks with the pram - it can be trickier than it sounds! (d) Check with your vet about canine hygiene and worming. 2. When your baby is born your dog may be left for hours while you are in hospital, or upset by the excitement if you are at home.

Arrange for someone he knows to look after/walk him. 3. Old wives tales (letting your dog drink breast milk or play with dirty nappies) don't help your dog and baby to become friends, but sending home a blanket that the baby has slept on may help your dog to get used to her scent.

4. When you come home let someone else hold your baby while you greet your dog; introduce them later when he is calm. 5. Don't try to keep your dog and baby completely apart - you won't be able to keep it up! Teach them both to interact calmly and gently, no licking by the dog or grabbing by the child. 6.

NEVER EVER leave dogs alone with babies or young children; shut your dog out of the room or pop the baby in a secure play-pen. This applies every time you use the bathroom, answer the door/phone or get a meal. It is NOT a matter of "trust".

Toddlers can accidentally injure or alarm dogs (e.g. by falling on them) and startled dogs may react impulsively, lashing out or biting.

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