Animal Halloween Costume Themes

If you are looking for a theme for your Halloween costumes this year, consider walking on the wild side. Going with animal themes offers you plenty of options to choose from ? whether it is wild jungle animals, a versatile Noah's ark, or fun farmyard critters, there are plenty of costumes for Halloween in this theme for the entire family. Versatile for all ages and tastes The great thing about going with an animal theme for your Halloween costumes is that it allows everyone in the family to dress up. You can find animal costumes in all sizes ranging from infants to adults. Noah's Ark is a great theme for a group of couples that wants to dress alike.

Of course, if there is someone in your group that does not relish the idea of putting on a furry costume for Halloween, they could always dress up as Noah, the jungle explorer, the ringmaster, the zoo keeper, etc. Either way you have plenty of Halloween costume choices for everyone to decide on. The Halloween costume party What Halloween costume would be complete without somewhere to wear it? Of course for kids there is always trick-or-treating, and mom and dad can dress up for this as well.

But you can also consider hosting your own Halloween costume party as a way to show off those great animal costumes for Halloween. There are plenty of choices that you can choose for animal related Halloween party themes, plus they have the added bonus of being less scary for those who want to stay away from the creepier side of Halloween. ? The Jungle/Safari.

This Halloween costume party encourages wild animal wear ? think lions and tigers, giraffes and elephants ? as well as the occasional explorer. Decorate using parrots, Tiki torches, and brown and green streamers. A CD of wild animal noises or of the rainforest can help contribute to the atmosphere of the jungle.

? Old MacDonald. A farm can be a lot less exotic. Think more everyday animals ? cows and pigs, dogs and cats ? as well as farm workers for Halloween costumes. Hay bales and stalks of corn can work well for decorations. If you can't find a CD of farm animal noises for your Halloween costume party, consider playing country western or square dance music instead.

? Noah's Ark. This Halloween costume party works great for couples or even twins. Encourage double animal costumes ? and of course the fun here is any and all animals are welcomed. You can make a huge rainbow to decorate the room with.

For kid's parties, you could also encourage them to bring their favorite stuffed animals to join in the fun. This is also a great idea for a Halloween costume party alternative for Christians and others who want to get away from the darker side of Halloween. ? Under the Big Top.

If you want to incorporate more human Halloween costumes into your theme, a circus is a great way to do so. This allows for other Halloween costumes like acrobats, the ringmaster, clowns, etc. to be used. Traditional streamers and balloons can be used for decorations for this Halloween costume party.

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