Align Your Thoughts for Success

Success in life is not difficult or tricky. It's not luck either. Success can be summed up in ONE word: alignment. For you to succeed, in any endeavor, you must learn to align 4 basic components of your life. The four components are: 1.

Your thoughts 2. Your decisions 3. Your actions 4. Your awareness Today, we'll discuss the first basic component: your thoughts.

Your thoughts Your thoughts are the foundation of your success. Thoughts are a form of energy. Your thoughts can be categorized as either high energy or low energy. High energy thoughts empower you, while low energy thoughts immobilize you.

In fact, as a litmus test, think of something GREAT in your life (kids, spouse, business, etc.). How does that thought make you feel? I bet you feel awesome thinking THAT thought. You may even feel like you can take on the world! In contrast, think of something TERRIBLE in your life (finances, missed opportunities, etc.). How does that make you feel? Not so hot, huh? I bet it actually makes you feel a bit depressed or sad.

You see, your thoughts control your feelings. If you want to feel happy and successful, then think happy and successful thoughts. Here are 3 ways to align your thoughts with success: 1. The people you hang around. This may not be a solution you like, but it's 100% true.

The people you associate with on a regular basis will determine your success. Why? It's because the people you hang around on a regular basis are the people you share most of your thoughts with and vice versa. Remember, thoughts are energy.

And when you have friends that think with low energy, you get bombarded with that energy whether you like it or not. Now, I'm not saying you have to abandon your friends. Not at all. Just realize you need to hang around successful people to become successful. As the immortal knight in "Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade" says, "choose, but choose wisely." 2.

The books you read & the CD's you listen to. Reading and listening are two key components to becoming successful. The reason is simple. The books you read and the CD's you listen to enable you to think. Now, if you're reading/listening to high energy, thought provoking material you're on the right track. This kind of material will allow you think positive, high energy thoughts.

On the other hand, if you're always reading/listening to the news, the tabloids, or whatever else that sends off bad energy, you're playing with your future. I'm not saying you have to give this stuff up. I just want you to realize that these materials are giving off low energy and the more you read/listen to them, the more low energy thoughts your mind produces.

Again, it's your choice, so choose wisely. 3. The events you attend By attending events you set yourself up for a lot of high energy thoughts. Not only will you hear from great speakers at events that motivate, inspire, and empower you, you'll also be around a ton of people who have high energy.

This shouldn't be underestimated. The positive, high energy given off at live events is astonishing. Here's a small list of events I recommend you attend (for 3 different reasons): a. Tony Robbins - if you're interested in taking control of you emotions and living a life of passion Tony is the guy to go and see. b. Dr.

Wayne Dyer - if you're interested in living a peaceful, happy, spiritually filled life (without religious undertones) than Dr. Dyer is a must see. c. Dan Kennedy/Bill Glazier - if you're interested in growing a business and want to learn from the best marketers in the world, attend their events. Success is a matter of opinion and choice. We can be successful in many different ways.

Choose the way you want success in your life and attend one the above events - you won't regret it!!! Now that you understand three of the ways to align your thoughts with success (your success) go take action and succeed! Copyright (c) 2008 Weston Lyon.

Weston Lyon is recognized as one of the nation's leading experts on finding time for what's important in life. To grab a FREE copy of Weston's e-book, 7 Strategies to Create Time in Your Crazy Busy Life, go to

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