Achieve Amazing Success The Michael Jordan Kind

Everyone who wants to have a career has the expectation of doing good work. They put their all into what they do and always get great reviews from their superiors. They experience moderate success and are pretty pleased with what they achieve. However, there is another level.

I'd like to call it the Michael Jordan level. It is a level of work up and above what the "average" person does. It is work that is so amazing that you shine above most in your field. Fans always say that Michael Jordan is extremely talented. And maybe that's true.

Hearing it from Mr. Jordan, most of his success comes from very hard work. Where other people stop because they feel they have done enough, Michael keeps practicing, studying, and learning. Tiger Woods was once asked if he practices when he isn't in the playing season and he said "of course!" At least 10-12 hours a day, 6 days a week.

So ask yourself. Do you want to be the best, pretty good, or maybe somewhere in the middle? How much time and focused effort are you willing to put into your career? Do you want to reach the top? Or do you want to be just darn close. When planning your career, you should be asking yourself these questions. You also have to figure out what steps to take to reach the top.

It is not always about working a lot of hours -- it's also about working smart. Make sure the hours you put in get the appropriate results for your time and effort. Being excellent means to always be learning and getting better at what you do. You should also put into your plan a budget for investing in yourself.

This means getting more education, listening to tapes, going to seminars and also getting a coach -- they aren't just for sports! A good athlete has many coaches --shouldn't you have at least one? A good coach can give you advice about your professional growth. Many times they can see things that you cannot. You can be so wrapped up in a situation that you cannot see the forest for the trees. Your coach will be able to see the bigger picture and help you with issues that come up at your work place. They will help you be the best that you can and be your biggest cheering section.

Having a good coach will help you stay focused on your goals. They will make sure you stay focused and on the path. And when you veer off they will be there to get you back on. Most sports coaches have experience in their particular sport. They use the knowledge they have gained through playing to teach other players. It would be smart for you to find a coach that has experience in the field you are in.

They have been there and have done it before so that you have the benefit of their experience. They know the opportunities and the pitfalls of your profession and can help you navigate through it. An example of this; is a sales coach. Who would know better how terribly discouraging sales can be? And who would know better how to counteract the negativity you might experience. A sales coach will also know how to prospect, close a sale, and keep a customer. I cannot speak enough on how a good coach will help you be more successful.

The Japanese word kaizen means "never ending improvement." They are big believers in making small improvements everyday. The Japanese believe over time this makes for changes that have great impact.

Think about it, try making a 1% improvement everyday. Over time your growth will be phenomenal! Follow this concept and you will find your career growing exponentially and with great success! Would that not be a great goal for you? Copyright (c) 2007 Create My Career.

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